This is My Story

Beginning parenthood with an ill child is not what we as parents expect, however with allergens in our foods things happen.  My son was born with a food sensitivity, which caused him straight hours of tears, pain and un-healable diaper rash.  After chatting with other moms in the park, at church and in the neighborhood I learned of dairy protein sensitivities. Imagine I consumed a bowl of ice cream then my innocent newborn child had to suffer internally for hours.

Two years later we experienced a far more severe case of allergies with my daughter. Blood in her stool! During her 4th month of life, I was advised to cease nursing. Never! Removing dairy, corn, soy and eggs for my diet seemed a much more rational option. Having this occur with both our children had me gravely concerned and seeking answers. Why is this happening? How can this be occurring? What is so detrimental in our foods today?

The good Lord brought various people into my life who helped me to find answers to these critical questions. After much consideration and education I begin seeking alternatives to the typical, second-class diet we consume today. One friend recommended dates as an alternative to corn sweeteners, another advised that I soaked my nuts to break down phytic acids and enzymes inhibitors.   Then I was even advised on my spices.  Bleached salt supplies us with minimal benefits, if any. Oh and cinnamon, that too should be organic and only purchased from trustworthy sources.

Well, with a humble heart and an open mind I made adjustments and implemented changes.  A pure, tasty snack was created!  Now to the name.  After considering many ideas and putting pen to paper Let’s Date was born and immediately loved by many!  Please know Let’s Date is here as a safe alternative to today sweets.  We offer your whole family an ORGANIC means of satisfaction and pleasure in today’s world of allergens. Enjoy with comfort and share with confidence knowing that we are dedicated to your well being and addicted to your happiness!

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